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Pene Kingsford -from her album 'flowers and frolic'

Summer Treats 17.01.2009


Romantic & Virtuoso

Oleg Kotorovych Students

Summer Treats 17.01.2009


The 5th Annual West Melton Art Exhibition

13-15 Feb.

Guest exhibitor  Richard Bolton

Adams Lorraine, Christchurch-Oil.

Allan John, W. Melton - Clay.        

Allfrey Donna, Christchurch- Acrylic.

Bashford Vivienne, Christchurch-Mxd.

Bolton Richard, Geraldine- W.clr’.

Brown Ami, W. Melton-Oil.

Dagny Emma , Christchurch-Oil

Davies, Jeanne, W. Melton- Pastel/Ac’.

Ernsten Frederika, Woodend-Clay.

Freire Cecilia, Christchurch- Clay.

Gale Juliana, Christchurch - Pastel.

Galetzka Renate, Christchurch-Clay.

Hansen Viv, Christchurch -Clay.

Hitchcock Geoff, Christchurch -Oil.

Instone Jim, Christchurch -Metal.

Jacobs Lorraine, Kirwee-Ac’/W.clr’.

Johnson Maureen, Christchurch -Clay.

Labadie Ed, Darfield- Oil /W.clr’.

Laming Jean, Christchurch -Oil /Ac’.

Legg Ross, Selwyn - Stone.        

McCann Maureen, Darfield-Acrylic.

McKinlay Olwyn, Halkett-Acrylic.

McNeill Gordon, Selwyn-Patel.

McPhee Jenny, Tempelton- Pst/Ac’.

Newburn Murita, Christchurch-Acrylic.

Orinko Svetlana, Christchurch- W.clr’.

Porter Janie, Christchurch - Acrylic.

Ramsay Lynda, Ireland –Oil.

Scarlett Greg, Christchurch-Mixed.

Seales Donald, Christchurch-Acrylic.

Seo Aaron, TaiTapu -Acrylic.

Seo Susan, TaiTapu -Acrylic.

Seo Yun Suk, Korea-Mixed.

Suter Bon, Christchurch-Stone.

Tatton Virginia, Christchurch-Mixed.

Treskon Iva, Christchurch-Oil.

Van Tuinen Suzanne, Halswell-Oil.

Watson Kathie, Christchurch-Acrylic.

Weaver Kinghorn Jocelyn, Chch-Oil.

Winter Courtney, Christchurch -Acrylic.

Woodard Corinna, Christchurch -Mixed.

Worsdall Ella, Kaipoi- W.clr’.


Willowbank Wildlife Hospital Fund Raiser 21/02/2009

Iryna Ionenko Violin  Oleg Kotorovych violin Helen Webby harp

Concert No' 1 (Classical 2009)


The Annual RSPCA Canterbury Concert & Lunch fund raiser 2009

Rachel Doig -Soprano, Michael Lawrence Piano

Concert No' 2 (Classical 2009)


University of Canterbury

String Quartets 2009

Concert No' 3 (Classical 2009)


Chamber Music Pettman Junior Academy 2009

Concert No' 4 (Classical 2009)


Tango La Luna

Concert No'1(Jazz 2009)

Janice Gray

Concert No'2(Jazz 2009)

Annie Davies Stu Buchanan

Concert No' 3 (Jazz 2009)


Annie Davies

Sing Your Heart Out

Craig Smith


From Bohemia to Castorbridge


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