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January .2008


Jon Sanders. &  Eoin Duignan 17.01.2008

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The 2008 Annual West Melton Art Exhibition 15.02.2008

Guest Exhibitor  Ed Labadie

Works by

45  Leading & emerging Artists

A ‘Court Raelene-Ac/ Mixed.

Aarts Leonardus-Oil.

Aldridge Mary-Past’/ W.clr’.               

Allan John-Clay/Mixed.

Allender Julie  –Oil.

Allfrey Donna-Mixed Media.

Brown Ami-Oil.

Brown Sandie-Past’/Oil.

Clarkson Shona-Clay.

Coleman Allan-Stone/Metal.

Davies Jeanne-Oil/ W.clr’.

Esplin Clark-Acrylic/ W.clr’.

Fielding Fay-Acrylic/ W.clr’.

Fraser Henderson Leah- Sculpting.

Gale Juliana- Pastels.

Galetzka Renate- Clay.

Guyatt Stephen-Oil.

Hazard Robert-Acrylic.

Hemsley Sue- Acrylic/ W.clr’.

Jacobs Lorraine- Ac’/ W.clr’.

Johnson Maureen-Fused Glass.  

Knudsen Vicky – W.clr.

Korver Anna-Wd/Met’/Mrb’.

Laming Jean-Oil/Acrylic.

Lin Yi-Ming-Clay.

McCann Maureen-Acrylic.

McClelland Jan-Pastel.

McCracken Brian-Oil.

McKinlay Olwyn-Acrylic.

McMillan Kelvin-W.clr’/Ac’.

McPhail Wayne-Acrylic.

Nesbitt Suzanne-Acrylic.

Newburn Murita-Acrylic.

Park Taylor Jeanette-Ac’/W.clr’.

Pomroy Lara-Acrylic/Mixed.

Seo Aaron –Acrylic.

Seo Susan-Acrylic.

Shaw Vilma-Clay.

Spekreijse Cara-Mixed/Collage.

Suter Bon-Stone /Bronze.

Turland Chris-W.clr’.

Watson Kathie-Acrylic.

Wenborn Tony- Oil.

Worsdall Ella- Ac’/ W.clr’.


           Awards sponsored by

Andrew Morriss 16.02.2008

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Graham Wardrop 17.01.2008

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RSPCA Fund raiser

TUI TRIO-The Classical Series 2008

Concert No' 1 on 29.03.2008


U.C String Quartets-The Classical Series 2008

Concert No' 2 on 26.04.2008


Tim Emerson-

The Classical Series 2008

Concert No' 3 on 31.05.2008


14 Pipes  & 41 Strings  14.06.2008

Between Series

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Hoekstra, Kime, Hobson Trio-

The Jazz  Series2008

Concert No' 1 on 28.06.2008


Sarah Vaughan Tribute - The Roulette Years The Jazz Series2008

Concert No'2 on  26.07.08


Lynette Diaz & Friends

The Song writers Series

Concert No' 1 (writers 2008)


An evening of Kiwiana

The Song writers Series

Concert No' 2 (writers 2008)


Hera Live

Concert No' 3 (writers 2008)


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